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Learning About HCG Diet

The HCG diet has been known by a large number of people around the world,this is because of the research that shows it promotes fast weight loss.

When the pregnancy is at it’s early stage,the HCG hormone is produced at very high level,this is beneficial since it can also be used in testing the pregnancy. The hormone is very beneficial in very many ways, fast of all health research shows that the hormone is made up of certain components which play a very important role in the treatment of fertility issues.

The hcg is composed of high levels not proteins ,it’s production during the early stages of pregnancy among the women is just a way of telling the women that they are pregnant. The HCG hormone Very good,this is because it ensures that the embryo and the fetus develop in a more efficient way,this is normally achieved through it’s abillty to ensure that there I’d sufficient production of progesterone and oestrogen which play a very important role in the development of the fetus and the embryo.

When it comes to the loss of weight,the hcg plays a very important role in making sure that the the body weight is lost efficiently,this is because it ensure that there is increased metabolism in the body which makes the body to loose large quantities of fats at ago without feeling hungry. When it comes to the matters on how the HCG hormone works to ensure that there is sufficient loss weight, different researchers have come up with different views on how it works.

Many health researchers who have researched on the HCG diet have come to an agreement that the weight loss is due to the drastic calorie restrictions which promoted the loss of fats in large quantities,this promotes the loss of weight. However the loss of the weight has side effects to the body, fast of all due to the shade of fats,the body will remain skinny thus leading to a decreased muscle mass.

The HCG diet is composed of the very low fats and very low calorie diet,this makes it more efficient since enhance the Shading of fats from the body in very large quantities. The calorie diet is divided into three phases which promotes the Shading of weight and the loss of fats. In the loading phase ,it is advised that you start taking the HCG and eat plenty of high fat and high calorie foods for a maximum of two days. At the second phase it is recommended that you continue taking the HCG diet, however you should minimize on the intake of the calories within a grace period of three to six weeks. In the last phase you will be required to stop taking the HCG diet and start consuming more food,you should therefore avoid taking foods that are rich in starch and sugar for a maximum for a period of three weeks.

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