The Basics That You Need To Familiarize Yourself When It Comes To Beekeeping

For you to have a successful hobby, business venture or a pastime activity, you need to invest heavily. The good thing with starting a venture is that the day to day costs are minimal as most of the purchased equipment is long lasting. Beekeeping venture has greatly expanded as a result of an increase in demand for honey and honey products in the global market. Some people practice beekeeping so that the products from the bee can be used for house purposes while others only practice it for sale. The article lists all items that you should have before starting this beekeeping practice.

There is a no better place to start other than first ensuring that you have beehive covers and bodies. This as basically where bees live and keep all their honey. These covers come in three sizes: Deep, medium and shallow. Most beekeepers use deep bee bodies as storage for bees eggs, nectar and pollen to be able to serve them through the winter. Initially, nectar is stored in medium bee hive covers and bodies, but once they are full, the nectar is directed to shallow bodies and covers.

It is almost impossible to carry out effective beekeeping if you do not have the required protective gear. The level of safety between individual is of different magnitudes. The only common gear worm by almost all beekeepers is the veil. A veil can be simply defined as a facial netted gear that protects your head from bees. Some beekeepers go to the extent of ensuring that their whole body is well covered while others are comfortable with covering their body parts.

The smoker is also crucial for beekeeping process. No other tool can easily help calm the bees down and help you harvest honey comfortably like the smoker. On the first day of using the smoker, you will have a hard task in ensuring that there is adequate smoke coming out of the smoker.

At times, you may require feeding the bees, especially when you discover that the honey production has reduced or when poor weather conditions are making it difficult for the bees to look for nectar and pollen. The feeder hence comes to the rescue as it supplements the nectar with sugar syrup. The current weather condition mainly influences the ratio of water to sugar in the syrup.

You definitely cannot carry out beekeeping without bees. Once you purchase bees, they are delivered to you in a ‘package’ that usually weighs three pounds and must have a well-mated queen. In other terms, a package consist of 10000 bees inclusive of a queen bee.

Beekeeping can lead you to riches provided you follow all the necessary procedures. EbeeHQ is one of the best organizations that can help you with more information about beekeeping.The article will provide you with information of the basics of bee keeping.

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